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artist manifesto

I. spread love, caring, and compassion to all, always.

II. be the person you needed when you were growing up.

III. do no harm, take no shit.

IV. create the world in which you move.

V. what you give is what you are given.

VI. seek balance, clarity, and transcendence.

VII. go where you are needed; if you are not needed, go where you are wanted; if you are not wanted, drift.

VIII. you are responsibile for the energy you bring.

IX. seek to elevate those around you.

X. do not teach others; rather, demonstrate what's true for you and those that agree will follow.

XI. the only thing you know is that you know nothing at all.

XII. you are capable of all things.

XIII. everything that ever was and ever will be already is.

XIV. embrace the unknown.

XV. invest in change, not dollars.

XVI. be unapologetic, authentic, and resilient.

XVII. create your own purpose.

XVIII. the only way to find out is to find out.

IXX. nothing lasts forever.

XX. set the world on fire.


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