Radiation City



Radiation City is a duet that was commissioned for the 2014 Dance+ Festival hosted by Conduit Dance (so sad that they had to shut down but that's a story for another time...). This work focuses on three outcomes of one relationship: the ideal outcome, the expected outcome, and the actual outcome. Named after and set to music by Portland music sensation Radiation City, this piece is inspired by the novel Revolutionary Road and features text gathered from friends & family sharing their thoughts on love, relationships, and the feelings that come with them.


Making this piece was a bit of a rollercoaster in the sense that it had to come together very quickly before being presented. I remember being out of town for a three week residency and only having a handful of rehearsals with Kara to stitch everything together, which in my opinion gave the duet a layer of realism when dealing with relationships. I very much enjoy this work and hope to revisit it someday with a fresh perspective - at the time, my view on romantic relationships has a somewhat negative color to it: the whole piece started with a video full of smash cuts comparing the feelings of falling in and out of love to ways in which someone can die which ended with a video of a Buddhist monk performing self-immolation. Yeah. Sounds pretty emo, right?




Dance+ Festival // Portland, OR USA