cerulean I



cerulean I  is a dance piece that was commissioned by the Reed College Dance Department in 2015. The work is compilation of various movement games that were played throughout the choreographic process. The work alludes to the multiverse of choices within which we live our daily lives-- although the artists have been given structure and specific rules for each game, the work is reliant on them making choices within the moment both individually and as a single entity. This cohesion of form and freedom is what I find incredibly fascinating about not just dance but the human experience.


Working with the dancers on cerulean I  was such a fun, exciting process - the studio space was BEAUTIFUL, the dancers kicked ass, and it was so cool to see not just how the piece took shape over the course of the residency, but also how this rag-tag group of dancers grew together and found this really cool bond with each other. We did a lot of improvisational games that mixed free-formed movement with specific tasks and narrative directives. The name cerulean I comes from the album name where the music came from (a band called BATHS - go check them out!) but it also comes from the "color" of the piece. This work wasn't dark or depressing (surprising, I know) rather, it was very effervescent and refreshing - like a sipping a cool glass of tea on a hot summer day while floating down the river.


Soon, I hope. Would love to make cerulean II with someone!


Reed College Dance Department Spring Concert // Portland, OR USA